Sunday, September 27, 2009

Speed Week

Training this week -
4 sessions sprints 200s, 100s, 50s, 25s
Fastest 200 3:12 Fastest 100 1:28
Double up Wednesday morning & afternoon
Harbour training swim about 4k at Balmoral Sat with long-distance swimmers
Cold water 15.5c
Total distance this week 18k

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Entries World Masters Open Water Swim

The start list for the Sydney World Masters Games Open Water Swim 17/10/2009 is available to registered entrants.
Entries have already closed 31st July.
3k open water swim around Chowder Bay, 2 laps and an in-water start & finish.
Looks like a tight rectangular course, 4 x 90-degree turns on each of the 2 laps.
For those swimmers who were not put off by the higher entry fee, or the cooler water or the prospect of swimming off Clifton Gardens, it should be a big event.
Total 660 starters split over 6 waves, so expect some jostling for position at the start and around the buoys.
The ruling on wetsuits seems to be fair "Wetsuits may be worn ... however the competitor will NOT be eligible for a medal."
No mention of FINA open water swimming rules regarding obstruction & interference with other swimmers, I guess common sense will prevail on the day.


Still unbalanced this week.
2 pool sessions
Coogee swim Sat. & Sun. island & some laps
Total distance this week 16 k

Friday, September 11, 2009

Burleigh Heads Ocean Swim 6th September 2009

Red & Gold

Brush Turkey on the Beach (Red & Gold)

A great couple ocean swims at Burleigh.Thumpin' surf but breaking clean, lovely and smooth out the back, and a chance to catch a wave coming in.The distances looked ok, if anything the longer swim was just under 2k and the short swim just over 1k. The faster times probably reflected help from nature with a rip out and wave in.Navigation was easy, swim straight into the rising sun until the first buouy appeared, the other markers were lined up with tall buildings and the point of the headland.Water safety was everywhere.And I liked the swim caps, top quality silicon with a strong surf club logo.The warm (20c) water in September and the relaxed and friendly nature of this swim will bring me back next year.
Longer swim ("2k") time 32:45. Could have gone harder at the start, still strong after 30 mins, plenty of breathe left for a post-race interview!!
Shorter swim ("1k") time 22:02, had to do a quick u-turn at the start, forgot my timing chip, chasing all the way

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Warmer Water

Training last week -
5 pool sessions
Double-up Wednesday
Masters squad on the Gold Coast Saturday
2 Ocean Swim races at Burleigh on Sunday
Total distance this week 20 k