Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dawny Cockatoo Island Swim 2.5k Sun. 21st November

Pulled up well after Terrigal swim Saturday, so headed down to Balmain Sunday for the Dawny Swim around Cockatoo Island
Good day for it, Started on the high tide. Harbour water was as usual a little green and murky and jellyblubbery but clean
Went at a reasonably strong pace the whole way, and feeling strong at the end
Time was slower than last year, probably not so much tide assistance this year

Terrigal OW Swim Carnival 5k Sat. 20th November

Terrigal Open Water Swim Carnival 5k
2 laps around a 2.5k circuit of Terrigal Beach
Part of the NSW Swimming Marathon Series

I underestimated the conditions and overestimated my condition on this one.
Thought I might go more than 5k if I was feeling good enough, so I signed up for the 10k swim-through
Really just to give myself an option to keep going after 5k if I felt strong enough
Conditions looked perfect, but once we got out of the shelter of Terrigal Haven and into the wind, the swell and chop picked up, and that part of it was actually quite tough
Had one little "lost-at-sea" moment on the 2nd lap, I was feeling seasick so I stuck my head up about 800m offshore to see who was around if I needed help - no swimmers, no craft in sight - maybe not such a good idea to keep going for another 2 laps without a drink or a support paddler
Starting to feel the cold (water 19c) after an hour in the water
In the end I was happy to finish the 5k (2 laps) in a reasonable time 1:48, a few minutes less than my 5k time from 2 weeks ago

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pan Pacific Masters Games Gold Coast 5k, 14th November 2010

Medal Winners
What are YOU looking at ?

Pan Pacific Masters Games 5k Open Water Swim
Lake Hugh Muntz, Mermaid Waters, freshwater lake
Water was warm and a little green murky, but clean enough
5k course was 4 laps around a 1.25k circuit
Run by QLD Masters Swimming, was quite relaxed, a few improvisations along the way like the finish line being a water-polo goal with the net cut out 
Mentally, having to go around the course 4 times was quite tough, tiring after 1 lap and still 3 laps to go
Settled into the 2nd half of the race and enjoyed that more
Time 1:40:07
Went home with some medals, gold in the team event (Seas The Limit) and silver in my age category

Penrith Ripples St Marys OW Swim 5k, 7th November 2010

Open Water Swim 5k at the Sydney Regatta Centre (fresh water) 2 laps around a rectangular course
Water fairly cool for November about 21c and patches of colder
Still in training for longer swims this season, arms hurting the last lap
Time 1:51:07
About the same as I was doing for these swims last year