Sunday, May 15, 2011

South Head Roughwater Swim 15th May

Hornby Light; photos

Macquarie Lighthouse

Team Finish

(native american name) Runs-with-balloons


10 k swim from Bondi Beach around South Head into Sydney Harbour finish at Watsons Bay.
Swam in a team of 4 with Murray Cox's team
This was the last leg of Murray's swim along the Sydney coastline

Quite a big southerly swell about 1.5m, behind us all the way
Good conditions, so times were fast
Water was coolish, 19-20c in the ocean, then dropped a couple degrees in the harbour

Shared the distance with the members of our team, with either one or two swimmers in the water at a time
I would have spent about 2 hours in the water, total about 5k swum
Our team finished on about 4 hours

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