Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tropical Island Dreaming

Red shoulders
Tired shoulders
Big red tired shoulders

Dry skin
Itchy skin
Too many hours in a heated pool

Big red tired and itchy shoulders

"knowing I'll be back at Echo Beach some day"
To soothe my weary shoulders in the salve of Cleveland Bay


Shayne said...

Is that some sort of haiku fancy smancy poetry?

Love it.

And where is Cleveland Bay?

Richard said...

Magnetic Island is in Cleveland Bay QLD I'm there in 2 weeks. Doing some boring pool training on my own - long sets and longer distances. After an hour underwater my head wanders off to another place.

Richard said...

Btw .. Not haiku just rambling prose. Haiku is beautiful but extraordinarily difficult to express in 3 short structured lines. Last one took me 4 days to get it right. Inspiration + time = haiku